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I am Josiane Maakeng, I was born and raised in Cameroon . Actually I live in the United states of America, I usually go back to Cameroon every year for vacation and always notice that they are more kids who need help with their health, shelter, food , education and clothes. I have been trying my best to help them as much as I could, any one who could help is very welcome.
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“Circumstances, sometimes tragic, have led these children in these difficult conditions. But we are there, by their side to help them and make them smile.”


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4 Orphanages

We have already visited 4 orphanages since the beginning of this year 2019.


More than 200 children have benefited from this help.

$3 500

it’s about $ 3500 of help for children.


It is also 3 cities / villages concerned.

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They need us.

Success Stories

Visit some orphanages in Dschang – March 2019
Title In March 2019 we visited several orphanages in Dschang. It was an opportunity for us to give a little smile to these children. but also to support those moms who are committed and who work day and night in order to offer a better future to these children. Through these actions, we have been...
juin 20, 2019
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visit to the CIBAEEVA orphanage in Dschang.
Title Our visit to the CIBAEEVA orphanage in Dschang. We were able to give these children a smile and also support this mom who works day and night to watch over these children. We say thank you to all those who supported us from near and far. Gallery (Click on the image to view) Video...
mai 26, 2019
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